The SouthEATS Story

With food, we can travel right from our kitchen table. This is precisely what birthed SouthEATS - the ambition to deliver the vibrance of Southeast Asian food culture to everyone’s front door. 

SouthEATS comes from Southeast, a little play on words that expresses the abundance of Southeast Asian food.

Food connects us with our community and with new communities. We built SouthEATs on this very notion. Regardless of where someone lives or travels, they can have access to Southeast Asian products. These products can be new or nostalgic, but either way - they get you cooking in the kitchen!

We spent years curating our small-batch selection from Southeast Asian producers, from all over the globe. We also carry the household brand staples, ones we grew up with and hold a permanent place in our pantries.

Shopping with SouthEATS means supporting minority-owned food businesses and, of course, your tastebuds. It’s your one-stop shop for food exploration, a pathway to explore the kaleidoscopic plurality of Southeast Asian food, one artisanal product at a time.

Our Founder

Meet Mina, our fearless leader. 

For Mina, food is home. The concept of SouthEATS came to her while living in Astoria, Queens. There, Mina could barely find her everyday Southeast Asian food staples - something her fellow diasporas experienced in other places as well.

We needed more RepresentASIAN for the diversity of Southeast Asian cuisines.

So, that’s when Mina thought - if we live in such a digital world, why isn’t there an online marketplace to order everything we need? 

Mina decided to create one. For three years, she dedicated herself to a major food expedition with one goal - to design a platform that uplifts Southeast Asian producers and connects people with their incredible products.  

Today, SouthEATS offers 100 brands that illustrate the richness of Southeast Asian food culture. From artisanal small-batch sauces to household staples, Mina’s curated selection of goods creates endless opportunities for everyone’s taste buds to travel right from their kitchen.

We cannot wait for you to discover items or food that you might not normally cook. As our founder believes, it’s food that brings people together - it’s food that makes a difference.