The SouthEATS Story

Welcome to SouthEATS, where every bite tells a story of Southeast Asia's vibrant culinary tapestry. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful aspiration – to bring the vivacious essence of Southeast Asian food culture to the doorstep of every individual.

SouthEATS, a name derived from Southeast, is a playful twist on words that captures the essence of our brand. 

The very origin of SouthEATS is rooted in this ambition, a burning desire to make the richness of Southeast Asian flavors accessible to all. Inspired by the dynamic region itself, SouthEATS is more than a name; it's a homage to the places, the traditions, and the tastes that define Southeast Asia.

Food possesses an extraordinary ability to connect us – not only to our own community but also to new ones. This belief is the cornerstone of SouthEATS. We're dedicated to dismantling geographical boundaries and ensuring that regardless of where you reside or explore, you can relish the authentic flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine.

Our selection is a result of years spent curating the finest offerings from Southeast Asian producers around the world. With great care, we've assembled an array of products that range from the familiar favorites that evoke nostalgia to the novel ingredients that spark culinary creativity.

When you choose SouthEATS, you're not just embarking on a gastronomic adventure; you're also championing minority-owned food businesses. Our platform stands as a tribute to their craft, and with every purchase, you're endorsing their dedication and passion.

From household staples that have stood the test of time to small-batch treasures crafted by artisans, SouthEATS is your gateway to a world of discovery. It's a journey that lets you explore the multi-hued spectrum of Southeast Asian food, one delectable product at a time.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us. Join us as we celebrate the authenticity, the diversity, and the sheer deliciousness that Southeast Asian cuisine brings to our tables.

Our Founder


Allow us to introduce you to Mina, the driving force and visionary behind SouthEATS.

To Mina, food isn't just sustenance; it's the embodiment of home. The inception of SouthEATS dawned upon her while residing in Astoria, Queens. There, she found herself struggling to locate her cherished Southeast Asian staples – a challenge experienced by fellow diaspora members in various corners of the world.

The cry for more RepresentASIAN cuisine was resounding, echoing the call for diversity in Southeast Asian flavors.

In the midst of this, a thought struck Mina. In a world where the digital realm intertwines with daily life, why hadn't an online marketplace emerged to address this gap? That's when the idea for SouthEATS was born.

For three dedicated years, Mina embarked on a culinary odyssey, driven by a singular goal – to create a platform that celebrates Southeast Asian producers and bridges individuals with their exceptional offerings.  

Today, SouthEATS boasts a collection of over 100 brands, each a testament to the magnificence of Southeast Asian food culture. From handcrafted, small-batch sauces to essential pantry staples, Mina's curated selection opens a gateway for taste buds to journey from the confines of one's kitchen.

We're thrilled for you to uncover products and dishes that might have previously remained beyond your culinary repertoire. As our founder passionately believes, it's food that forges connections, it's food that sparks change.

Join us in this culinary voyage. Immerse yourself in the diversity, the heritage, and the impact that food can create. Welcome to SouthEATS, where the story of Southeast Asian flavors unfolds with every bite.