Ninja Foods | Lao Papaya Salad Sauce Hot

Ninja Foods | Lao Papaya Salad Sauce Hot

Ninja Foods | Lao Papaya Salad Sauce Hot

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Ninja Sauce was founded and started in 2015 by Alex + La Sirivath. These power duo were one of the first company to put Lao papaya salad sauce mainstream. To date, Ninja Sauce is now being sold in 32 states. 
Fun Fact:
"Ninja" was the nickname given to La from her previous boss. "Our thum sauce is fast, consistent and convenient, which fits perfectly with the skillsets of a ninja."

How to use: This pungent sauce can be used for any salad e.g. papaya, mango, cucumbers, vermicelli, and or dipping fruits. 

To use in salads: Simply mix 1-2 spoons of Ninja sauce with your vegetables or fruits, add cherry tomatoes. You can pound mixture in a mortar & pestle and or hand mix using gloves.

Fruit Dips: Mix 1-2 spoons of Ninja sauce with crushed peppers, crushed roasted rice powder and dip!

Ingredients: 15 birds eye chili peppers, Shrimp paste, Crab paste, Sugar, Fish Sauce, Fresh Limes, Monosodium Glutamate, Vinegar

Made in Arkansas | Net Weight 6 fl oz (178 ml) (3 Servings for 2 people)

Small Batch | Women Owned | Not on Amazon

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